Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.

Heated, triggered, charged.  

I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.  The extent of my ignorance goes beyond what my white privilege can possibly comprehend.  
I can't change my skin color.  But what would happen if I simply...stayed?  No pushing, no trying too hard.  If I just authentically stayed.
I made the choice to stay. The friend to whom I wrote this song also chose not to walk away.  We spoke truth, we created art, we shared our passions and our vulnerabilities.  We saw each others' heart.  The world of separation we're both experiencing because of our skin color didn't change overnight.  But I learned that freedom can sound like new friends sitting under blankets by candlelight, stirring tea with a simple spoon. 
And it felt to us like a start. 
Here's to love. 

"Here's to Love"
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter
I almost lost you, my friend
because of the colors of our skin
I am earth, you are wind
We'd never understand where we've been

I almost walked away that day
afraid of you
Then your eyes intertwined with mine
from across the room
And I stayed
And you stayed

I leaned in
You whispered to me
Here's to love
Here's to love
Walls wore thin
with every sip of tea
Here's to love
Here's to love

Our candle swelled its light through the night
Veils fell from my eyes
Sunrise heard us say I love you
Before we said goodbye

You said, look how beautiful the world can be
I said, the only way for change starts with me
If not you

Walls crashed down
When you whispered to me
Here's to love
Here's to love
Freedom sounds
like friends stirring tea
Here's to love
Here's to love
Here's to love
Here's to love

Monday, December 11, 2017

The most open-hearted holiday gift I could give you...

Season's Greetings, my beloved human family! I'm excited to share the most open-hearted holiday gift that I could possibly give my brothers and sisters. Imagine a world of peaceful people actively pursuing our dreams. Naive? In this full performance of the Dream Walk Concert, I ceremoniously radiate "I BELIEVE IN YOU" through every story I tell, and in every song I sing. As naive as world peace may seem, it is truly the season to believe in miracles, and I know the vision begins with me today. Swarming your dreams under the mistletoe with millions of kisses. With love and sincerity, Emily

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A tiny $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth.

Well, I learned. When I created my 12 month music challenge three months ago, I valued my songs the way I've seen "value" modeled: A stream of my original songs were released to those who gave $5 a month in return. It felt right at the time, possibly because so much of life is for learning what we don't want. I don't want to charge money for my new music anymore.   
The gift economy model I embody only works when I trust that humanity knows how to give freely to one another when they feel inspired to.  If I keep this $5 model any longer, I might as well live a fully normal life.  And I might as well charge for my live concerts too.  There would be no point to the last 32 months where I gave up my well-paying job, living in my house, my car, my romantic relationship, my financial security, my comfortable life.  Why would anyone give all that up!?  I gave it all up to pursue the dream I believe in: to live as a worldwide musician within a gift economy model, taking a stand for those who feel imprisoned by fear and scarcity, to embody the message that money is not a reason to walk away from a dream. You can see why a tiny little $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth. Looking back, I realize more than ever how I set situations up like this so that I can walk my talk. I "charged" $5 for my songs for two reasons. 
The first reason: Fear. I got scared of not having enough resources.
The second reason: Fear again. I thought I had to prove to you that I believe in my music. 
I'm publicly announcing today that I always have enough resources, and I do believe in my beautiful music.  So, what's next?  The next 9 months of my 12 month music challenge will now be an actual true gift to my beloved humanity, without expectation of return.  I am releasing newly written original songs every month right here on Patreon for all to enjoy freely.  Even since the moment I started writing this article, this seemingly small change has already created huge miracles for me.  Here's to fearless living...
  • ENJOY THE ATTACHED VIDEO Releasing my song "The Call" to you with today's announcement makes me SO happy! 
  • I LOVE YOU, PATRONS! People choose to be my patron because they believe in me.  If you feel inspired, give any amount within this purity of energy.  Because of you I continue to create magic, music, and take risks. Emily Potter is creating music on Patreon!
  • HOW TO HEAR THE NEW SONGS: I will openly announce all my new songs on Patreon and on Facebook. "Like" me there at: The Million Kisses Facebook Page  
  • CREATE WITH ME!  I am creating big magic with forward-thinking videographers, recording studios, other musicians, and big wild dreamers of all kinds.  If you feel inspired to create together, contact me!
Looking forward to leaning in and connecting with you more than ever. Lots of love and true connection, Emily Potter, The "Gift Economy" Musician 

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Telling the Truth: Behind the Smiling Photos on Facebook

I am not the only one.  We post our best photos on Facebook, and rightly so. I personally decided long ago that social media was not a place I was going to complain, vent, or air dirty laundry. You might do that, and I say go for it. My decision works for me. However, there's a drawback for those of us who, on social media platforms, never seem to be in a bad mood. People never see us publicly experience anger, sadness, heart ache, and despair. We are not seen to experience the whole gamut of human emotions.   "I can't imagine you ever having a bad day," someone just wrote in a comment to me the other day, "You just always seem so happy."
What actually prompted today's article is that just last week I got sucked into Facebook's "your-life-is-perfect" illusion myself. I was looking at someone's perfect profile, saw a perfect photo, read a perfect comment that then perfectly triggered a painful wound in my heart, and I lost it...big time.  I cried deeply for an hour, with two friends witnessing me.   "Remember," one friend said empathetically, "Facebook never tells the whole truth." Yes, I could remember that even in the midst of my breakdown. But even with remembering that fact, it surprised me how real the illusion felt. The next day I shook the veil off of my eyes and determined to write about my experience about this illusionary hole I have seen countless friends also fall into.  If anyone else out there is struggling with Social Media Illusion Syndrome today, I want to hand you a gentle, loving tissue. I can't make it all better for whoever's profile is sinking you into depression tonight.  I'm so sorry that he has his arm around her and not you, and the picture he posted makes it look like they're back together. I'm so sorry that she looks so skinny and tan from her recent trip to the beach when you feel so fat today. I'm so sorry that their marriage looks so perfect and their children look so sweet when your family is completely falling apart. Nothing makes any of it better. What you're feeling is just hard. Something I can do is share the behind-the-scenes truth of some of my own "smiling" photos. It might not ease your pain, but perhaps we can break a bit of the illusionary spell so that all the people in those photos you're looking at on Facebook look a bit more human again.


Behind Smiling Photo #1: New York City, New York

Look at that big smile! Two friends invited me to go out to dinner with them to the high-end restaurant pictured behind me in this photo. One friend was not only my host but also my ride home. I felt pressure to say yes, but there was absolutely no way I could afford it. Should I refuse and say I wasn't hungry? Should I walk around the neighborhood until they were done eating? In this "I don't have a care in the world" photo, I was completely freaking out, especially after walking inside minutes later and seeing the prices on the menu. During the whole meal, I did mental gymnastics starting with backflips of "I can't afford this!" and trying to nail that perfect landing on "I'm abundant and I have everything I need." At the same time I was doing these inner acrobats, I was trying my very best to stay present during the conversation so they wouldn't feel my freak out stress.  When the bill came, and I reached for it with sweaty hands, one of my friends effortlessly said with a smile, "I've got this. I want to support your gift economy experiment." I thanked her softly. I went home shaking in awe with how much that experience stretched me.

Behind Smiling Photo #2: Sochi, Russia

This photo was taken in Sochi, Russia after I had experienced a full toilet paper roll of an emotional breakdown. I was there to do intense energy work for the country of Russia. The decades of sadness I transmuted through my body was so thick that I couldn't get out of bed for three days. I sank so low and so deep that I started to doubt everything I stood for.  Not only did living in a gift economy feel like a really dumb idea, I also felt like a failure as a musician, and just as a person in general. I felt scared and embarrassed to share my feelings with anyone. I was traveling in Sochi completely alone, so there was no one to even try to get me out of bed. On the fourth day, I was very weak but I made myself get up and learn how to take the city bus up to the mountains. I was walking very slowly, but I made it here to this bridge and put the timer on to take this photo. This pose was me being so proud of myself for getting through some of my very darkest nights of the soul. I can tell you right now that the caption that accompanied this photo said absolutely nothing about any of that.

Behind Photo #3: Granada, Spain

I had just broken up with the love of my life and I was attempting to "move on". Weeks later I met someone in Europe, and we experienced many beautiful places and memories in Spain together. A couple hours after this smiling photo was taken, I asked my travel companion to just hold me as I cried in his arms. I didn't tell him why. Graciously, he never asked me to explain myself. I cried as he held me every night that week. I wrote a song about my broken heart in that garden to the left of the photo, and the creation process of songwriting helped me immensely. The caption I posted with this photo shared the truth about how I felt about the beauty of the space, but nothing more: "Enjoying this beautiful and refreshing retreat home in a small Spanish village in the countryside."

Smiling Photo #4: Salt Lake City, Utah

This is a recently taken professional photo, and I wanted to feature it here to further undo the spell. I'm a big fan of professional photographers and presenting professional photos publicly. I will continue to do so. However, when we find ourselves comparing our human mirror images to the perfection of our professionally edited most certainly does not go well. For example, in my mirror I have wrinkles, grey hair, chin hair, less than perfect white teeth, and my Celtic Irish/English skin is quite pale. Can I see any of those physical traits about me here? I've done so much work around true beauty in the last several years that the confidence I'm developing to tell my body's truth is becoming my hottest physical trait. I believe we'll all enjoy each others' edited professional photos more than ever as we also learn to celebrate each other being imperfectly flawed and ridiculously human. Confidence to walk boldly within our flaws is the new sexy. 
The moments of our excitement and happiness that we post amongst all our life's tragedies are indeed real. They are not an illusion. The illusion occurs when we believe the posted smiling images is the only emotion we know. "You just always seem so happy" is not a compliment to give me or each other. To me this comment only means that you've temporarily been sucked into the social media illusionary vortex. Let's get each other out so we can like ourselves more.
I don't believe telling the truth means I have to rant and rave on Facebook to balance all my smiles out. Instead, I believe telling the truth means we can look into each others' eyes and see real humans who posted one window into one moment, remembering that the image on our screen is a fully emotional, messy, colorful human being.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"When envy gets triggered," she said, "it's almost too painful to look at."

Last week I wrote an article about jealousy.  A reader asked me to do a follow up, detailing the specific tools that helped me get on the other side.  

She wrote, "My story is ...when envy gets triggered it is almost too painful to look at and I choose to turn away instead of being with it.  It also brings a cascade of depressive thoughts that say "you'll never get what you want". 
I can completely relate.  This reader asked me three questions:
  • What really piqued my interest was what you said about doing lots of work on [jealousy] in order to shift.  What type of work was it?  Self-inquiry, working with a coach or therapist? I truly believe in working with coaches and therapists.  For this particular work, I used deep, consistent self-training, books and audios. I also connected to my motivation, which was easy.  I was going to lose my best friend if I didn't get a grip.  I started my uprooting by reading a book called “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price.  I read through it twice.  I went on my journey from there.
  • What was the hardest to shift?  Was there an “aha” moment about the nature of jealousy/envy? My biggest “aha” about jealousy was learning what the root of my jealousy was.  Mine was coming from a place of scarcity. I would erroneously think that if you had it, that meant that there were not enough opportunities for me.  That thought would then spiral me down into dark places of not being talented enough, not being strong enough, blah blah blah.  I realized from my initial root that I was experiencing thoughts of scarcity in many aspects of my life.  Oh boy...that “aha” showing my scarcity mindset sent me on a full-time journey of re-programming my brain.
  • Is there anyone currently that brings up that feeling for you even momentarily? Oh yes, of course!  I'm glad you asked that question so that there's no romanticizing my story.  Weeding out jealousy is like weeding a garden.  Seeds of jealousy are continually seeking a place to sprout in me, and I feel the beginnings of envy try to take root in me all the time. Even just today!  It’s my opportunity to continually choose to weed them out with my tools.  The good news is that because I have dedicated myself to the importance of this work, I continually find myself doing less and less weeding, and more and more celebrating.
  • Tool #1: FLAGS. When I began, every time I felt jealousy, I flagged it with a waving banner.  The banner read, “YAY! I’M HAPPY FOR YOU!” That flag started as my war cry, my call to arms. To feel that sentence with full authenticity was the goal, and my eye was firmly fixed on where I was going. I pitched that flag right in the middle of my chaos of jealousy with fervor and determination.  The tool of flagging our thoughts declares to the Universe that no matter what my inner battlefield looked like with hurt, anger, depression, and the envy I was experiencing, I knew that the spirit of true joy and celebration was going to eventually win. You deserve to know that I flagged thousands and thousands of places in me for over two years, until I felt the shift occur.  It is gritty work.  This is warrior-level work, and it takes true commitment to succeed. Waving my celebration flags everywhere is a tool I still use. 
  • Tool #2: “WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN TO WIN, YOU WILL WIN” I still repeat this mantra all the time.  It was given to me by my one of my mentors. Is this a sentence you can believe? “When it’s your turn to win, you will win.”  I found that using this tool requires a companion tool of faith to partner with it. Together here’s how it works.  Imagine a long line of people who, one by one, are walking on stage in front of an audience.  You are waiting in the line too.  You are number 107, coming closer and closer to the stage. As you wait in line for your turn, you have the choice to stand quietly and feel jealous that they are on stage before you are. Or... you can cheer wildly for everyone who goes on stage before you do, knowing you are on your way too!  I firmly believe that you get your chance on life’s stage, and so do I.  Whether this blanket statement is actually “true” or not is irrelevant in utilizing this tool. The tool works for me because this mantra replaces gucky thoughts of jealousy. When I see someone have something that I want, I say to myself, “Yay!  It’s their time to win!  It’s that person’s time on stage!”  I would rather cheer extra loud for everyone who wins before I do, because when it’s my time to win, I want lots of people to cheer for me too. 
  • Tool #3: ROOT WORK. My jealousy stuff came from a root of “there’s not enough”.  Jealousy helped me to identify scarcity in me. Your root might be scarcity, or a question of worthiness, feeling insecure, or not feeling lovable, etc. What is your root?  When you feel brave enough to go there, follow the jealousy down to your root, then do honest, consistent work at that level.  Don’t mask it.  Don't try to escape it.  Get honest.  I told my close friends that I was doing work around jealousy, and instead of trying to hide it, I asked for their support. 
Oh I’m SO passionate about supporting each other’s dreams.  Feel free to reach out if you desire more support. I also offer sessions.  This is the good stuff, everyone!  I believe celebrating each other's lives with true joy is one of the best gifts we can offer the world.
With love and celebration, Emily

Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm climbing high. I gave myself a 12 month music challenge that's already making me sweat.

When's the last time you heard me release a new song?  This summer I hosted a video summit, I co-created a healing center, I channeled an empress...all good things. All decoys. I'm a musician, and after giving myself a good talking to (lovingly!), I have committed to be more vulnerable with you as an artist.  So I'm giving myself a challenge that stretches me as a musician like never before.  And yes...authentic vulnerability deserves support, so I am asking the vulnerability-appreciators of the planet to witness and support this move. Cause I'm climbing high...
(August 2017-August 2018)
The Question: Can I create new, consistent, GOOD music every month for a solid year? 
For a solid year, I am giving 1-4 new songs a month right here on Patreon.  I am giving NEW content on a regular monthly basis.... Phew...this is something I've never done, and boy does it stretch me. If you stick around to watch this, you're going to see me sweat a little.  Some songs will be gems, others will flop. My Patreon community gets to give me input on what works and what doesn't.  I'm so excited. Your belief in me is motivating! The songs will come in the form of:
  • new original songs
  • new cover songs that challenge me as a vocalist/guitarist
  • live streaming performances
  • audio recordings
  • music videos
  • duets, collaboration with other artists
  • taking requests of what you want to hear
Wow, what a fun list! The enthusiasm is rising in my bones.

I am receiving $5 a month. Yep, $5. Patrons who pledge $5 a month receive all my new, consistent, vulnerable creations.  I want your pledge for fresh, original, motivational acoustic folk music to be less than a Netflix subscription
To stay focused on my 12 month music challenge, I cut out all the bells and whistles and sized everything down to two rewards.  
Reward # 1: $5 a month- I'm giving 1-4 new songs/creations/gifts every month. 
Reward #2:  $75 a month- 1) The new songs and 2) monthly dream coach sessions. You choose how many months your dream deserves. Start and end at any time...(I plan it so I never have more than 10 clients at a time.) For potential clients curious about this reward, ask me more about it. The general public receives sessions for $100/hour, but those who are part of my Patreon family get these monthly dream sessions for way less. AND you get the new songs. 
My music challenge starts August 1, 2017 and goes for 12 solid months. Insecurities, decoys, and fears have had their say. I bless them all. 
Vulnerability, creativity, and 12-48 new songs, here I come....
NOTE: **If you are already a patron, you will ease right into receiving all the new content with notifications coming right in your inbox. If you to want to change your monthly pledge to less or more, do so before July 31st.  Loving you all! -Emily

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I used to struggle with jealousy and competition BIG time.

Did you know that I used to struggle with jealousy and competition BIG time? If you had it and I wanted it, I would immediately become a big, dark, globby mess inside.  It felt like tar on my heart.  My best friend called me on it years ago and said my jealous competitive nature was getting in the way of our relationship.  She didn't feel safe to share her life successes with me. She said she wasn't going to come around for a while. My eyes got huge.

That's it, I declared.  That was the motivation I needed to get myself straight.

It embarrassingly took me years to weed out my overgrown noxious internal garden of that jealousy.  But I just didn't stop.  I did the work to pull those weeds out at the very root. I dug deep. What is the root of my jealousy? I meditated in some very uncomfortable places.

After years of developing tools that work for me, my weakness has become my greatest strength, and part of my core character. In my current relationships, I have become that friend where your dreams are sincerely celebrated with cheers, exclamation points, and lively dance parties. My best friend and I have especially never been closer.

So I have deep compassion for those of you who struggle with jealousy and competition.  Other people are traveling, getting married, having children, getting skinny, getting healthy, getting rich, getting famous, having success in their business...and you're not... Man it's so hard to be happy for them. You fake it the best you can, but it doesn't help. You feel jealous, and you feel sad.

When you're ready, consider that you get to create a new story...

When you're really ready, you'll get serious about weeding your jealousy out and enjoying a gorgeous inner garden.  I would have you consider that it won't happen "naturally". Commit to the work.  If you want support, you'll receive it. If you want me on your team, I offer support in the form of sessions. I'm invested in this specific work because of my own journey, plus this work serves our collective consciousness like none other.  Imagine a world where we say YAY!!! to each others' dreams with the deepest of sincerity.  Always.  No other option.


When you consider committing to this work, you'll watch your relationships blossom like you have never imagined.  If you deserve support in the work and would like to receive consistency and tools that work, ask for it.  You'll receive it in a million ways. Do whatever it takes.

You have a gorgeous garden, and hundreds of dance parties waiting for you.

Celebrate my dream HERE!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

"Living the Dream" Video Summit

Living the Dream


We want to support you in living the dream!  We have gathered as 21 conscientious professionals to provide inspiration through creativity, healing, divine money making, bodywork, meditation, visualization, life coaching, energy work, ceremony, and more.  In every interview, each presenter is also generously offering a free gift. This means you have access to 21 FREE gifts including healing sessions, e-books, music and meditation downloads, business coaching, and much more!  Sign up for the "Living the Dream" Video Summit by entering your email address here.  This event is completely free.
Sign up here for the FREE "Living the Dream" Video Summit!
Receive three videos a day for seven days directly in your inbox from the following presenters:

HOST: Emily Potter
Emily Potter is a musician and director of the Million Kisses Foundation.  She has been traveling internationally since May 2015, supporting her art solely within a gift economy.  Emily has performed in 14 countries for audiences in the United States, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Russia, and all across Europe. Passionate about supporting people in living their life dreams, Emily takes her audiences on a one hour "dream walk", providing her original music and storytelling from worldwide adventures as the soundtrack of the meditative journey. She is excited for the chance to support other entrepreneurs by hosting the “Living the Dream” Video Summit series this summer!
FREE GIFT: 1 Hour Group Dream Coaching Session (choose from two scheduling options)

Gary Acevedo
 GARY Best White shirt.JPG
For over 40 years Gary has immersed himself in over 30 cutting edge empowerment innovations like NLP, Rapid Eye, Gestalt, Breath work, and many more.  He has combined and built on these to design of pinnacle of personal effectiveness and empowerment retreats.  He has become recognized as a world-class trainer of trainers creating an advanced training for some of the country’s best facilitators, coaches, healers and speakers.  He is the best-selling author of the book “Awakening the Gift You Are: 7 Master Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Profits.”  Gary created “The Awakening” retreat. Grads say it is the pinnacle of re-programming and healing.  Successes have included coaching Mark Hughes into starting Herbalife, AT&T, Mass Mutual, Xerox, Einstein Bagels, 1992 & 2000 Olympics, designed training for Franklin Covey and VitalSmarts (Best-selling authors of “Crucial Conversation,” “Influencer,” “Change Anything,” consultants to Gorbachev, and inspired by Gary are responsible for bringing over 12 million people out of poverty through micro-funding)
FREE GIFT: A FREE $500 Course called, “Unlimited Influence: Success in Relationships” - A “Soul Reading” describing what your highest self is, why you chose your family battles, your bloodline, and they next few years of your life on the path you are on.

Julie Behling-Hovdal

Julie Behling-Hovdal is a serial entrepreneur, and since 2005 has had a variety of businesses in the niches of the healing arts, holistic health, and business tools.  One of her favorite and time-tested tools for creating success hails from the depths of Mother Nature - essential oils.  Julie loves sharing how to utilize certain essential oils to promote the frequencies of abundance, joy, belief, passion, and reaching one’s highest potential!  Julie lives in Ivins, Utah with her husband and 2 ½ year old son.  She is a Gold member with Young Living Essential Oils and co-creator of the Team Mobilizer App, an app for network marketing professionals.

FREE GIFT: the ebook “Embodying Success with the Magic of Essential Oils”

Iurii Gagarin
Iurii Gagarin.jpg
Iurii Gagarin lives between Paris, France and Kyiv, Ukraine.
Iurii Gagarin is the founder of Wonderful Solutions. Wonderful Solutions is a small creative web and software development company. We are helping individuals and small business to enhance their online presence and help to reach more potential customers in a modern age of digital technology. We develop fast and mobile friendly websites, online shops, native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, we can provide you with a full spectrum of IT / internet consultancy services, such as SEO, E-commerce, social media marketing. Inspired by conscious lifestyle and personal growth, we prefer to provide our services and to work with like minded individuals and companies, such as therapists, yoga teachers, shamans, healers and musicians. We can find a Wonderful Solution for your technological needs.

FREE GIFT: 30 min consultation for your IT / web needs (subscribers will have chance to win 15/30 min free consultation for any of your it needs. 3 sessions, will be given a to a random subscriber of mailing list.)

Cherie Ann Day
As the Director of Day Designs, Cherie Ann is Wellness Consultant, and author of “Designing Wellness for Your Life!” Cherie has studied holistic living, energy healing, yoga, tantra, meditation, quantum physics and biofeedback. She inspires others to take control of their lives, physically, spiritually, and financially by creating coaching courses and personalized programs.  Cherie Ann has actively worked in the Health and Wellness field as a wellness coach for over 20 years.  She is a Quantum Touch energy healer,  Instructor, mentor and  speaker. Cherie Ann is also the founder and author of Make Love for Peace - Your Guide to Emotional and Sexual Healing for You and the Planet, Cherie Ann's current goal is to bring this passionate message of healing the world one heart at a time to a wider audience.  She is now hosting Sacred Touch Parties Snuggle Parties, Manifesting Magic, Creating Consciously, Sacred Sexuality, and Heart Healing Workshops.

FREE GIFT:  free 1 hour distance healing session

Nancy Monson
Nancy Monson.jpg
Nancy Monson, MA, MBA, CPCC and founder of Everyday Spirituality lives in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California. She is a Soul Purpose Advocate and a Certified Human Design Practitioner. Devoted to living her soul’s purpose every day and helping others live their soul’s purpose every day, Nancy brings a multitude of skills, talents, wisdom and a lifetime of transformative experiences to guide people who are ready to live their soul’s potential and purpose. Working in both the corporate leadership consulting and personal transformation arenas for over twenty years, Nancy has a unique combination of experience helping hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs using her strategic, intuitive, healing and pragmatic skills. This gives her a special ability to mentor women struggling to navigate challenging personal and professional transitions. Nancy is a co-author in the international best-selling books Come Out of Hiding and SHINE, the Big Idea Book, and Women of Courage, Women of Destiny.

FREE GIFT: free download of my report “Using Your Soul’s GPS to Make Great Life and Business Decisions”  (Includes link to complimentary 30-min session with me)

David Ziemba
David Ziemba.jpg
David Ziemba lives in Chicago, Illinois.
David is a third generation circus performer who has been entertaining since he was a toddler. Throughout his life he has been on a mission to make people happy. At the age of 7 he joined the Triton Trouper Circus, helped out behind the scenes, and performed for over a decade. By the age of 18 he was facilitating retreats and events through Snowball, then founded BrilliantlyMad Magazine shortly after graduating. Through BrilliantlyMad he has organized, hosted, DJed, photographed, facilitated, documented, and performed at well over 1000 events and is very active in the conscious music, art, and spiritual communities. Studying massage and healing arts has given him more inspirations to share with others. He graduated with a degree in Multimedia Arts and brings messages of love, laughter, and education to the population. In 2016 he launched Make Believe Professionals, whose mission is to inspire a better world through art, performance and creative services.

FREE GIFT: download of BrilliantlyMad Magazine Issue 2o11 bundled with other surprises, including music mixes & guided meditation. Can also include some free admission tickets to events, depending on how we are giving away these gifts.

Kimberli Ridgeway
Kimberli Ridgeway.png
Kimberli Ridgeway lives in Calhoun, Louisiana. Kimberli Ridgeway is a modern day Shaman that explores the un-explainable, unknown, and strange unseen things.  She works in multiple dimensions and also formulates original products to help her clients achieve a sense of peace.  She is the creator of the Galactic Heart Resonance Chamber that utilizes color, light, sound, crystals, gemstones and sacred geometry for an unforgettable experience.  

FREE GIFT: pre-recorded meditation

Renee Shaw
Renee Shaw lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Renee Shaw is an Earth Shaman who writes about her adventures of healing the Earth and working with the elements. In 2004 Renee was asked by “Gaia” and the elements “to save the Earth and the people”. They gave her the name "Ryxi" which means "Warrior scribe" or "courageous communicator". She was asked to assist with the Earth shift they call "Gaia Yoga" that is happening as we speak. She has written books about her adventures of traveling and blessing the Earth to mystical places like the pyramids of Giza, Pele in Hawaii,  Machu Picchu, Alice Springs in Australia, Greece, Jerusalem and many others. Ryxi was asked to train as many Shamans as possible to help with the shift and has created a course called Shamanism 101 that assists students to connect to other dimensions, their ancestors as well as heal the earth. She is also a founding member of Safe Haven Eco Village and spiritual retreat center and is a gifted mosaic artist. Ryxi Renee is passionate about inspiring others to find their purpose and experience the magic and adventure living one’s purpose can bring.

FREE GIFT: E-book “To dance with Elementals”

Brian Higgins
Brian Higgins.png
Brian Higgins lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Brian Higgins is a Transmedia Storyteller hailing from Northern Ireland. Incorporating film, stand up comedy, visual arts and events to create community through creative communication. Using these aspects of creative expression, Higgins is a mental health advocate through his Create Reel Change program. Inspiring and motivating acceptance of mental health issues by making things better to help people.

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Tammy De Mirza
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Tammy lives in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.
Tammy De Mirza is a Professional Intuitive, Medium, Intercessor, Guide, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, and Energy Conduit, and has worked with thousands of clients.  She is the Author of a book called The Inmate and the Medium, where she tells the true story of meeting her husband in prison while serving a 50-year sentence, after doing a reading for him.  She moved to Florida to assist in guiding him through the process of doing the Inner Work, in order to free himself from prison.  This had to be done Within first, to manifest physically, which is the essence of her work and calling upon her life.  She shares her own spiritual school curriculum along the way.  This story is compelling, revealing and teaches you how to do this work for yourself.

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Kevin Adair
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Kevin Adair lives in Chicago, Illinois, in the Dominican Republic, and in Haiti.
Kevin believes that each human life is a century-long interactive creative performance. He has always combined creative expression with social and ecological activism with focus on building community. International audiences may recognize Kevin as a touring juggler, magician, hypnotist, fire dancer, and motivator. Then, after decades performing and over 10,000 shows, Kevin's trade-winds led him to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where for the past 12 years he has worked in international social, ecological and community development. Most international development efforts have either attempted to enforce their will on potential beneficiaries, or they have worked to provide resources for solutions already locally available. Kevin has developed the: Listen. Lead. Listen Again. implementation strategy which combines learning the needs and wants of local community members, introducing new technologies and solutions that would not otherwise be available in remote locations, and then following up with a successive feedback-loop to gradually adapt the new solutions to best fit the local people's needs. Kevin is also writing a book and article series: Listen. Lead. Listen Again. at and

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Karey Williams
Karey Williams lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Karey Williams is a gifted coach and intuitive healer working with individuals and families in her energy therapy practice.  She has over 20 years experience teaching mindset, life skills and leadership training in private and corporate settings. It is her mission to coach others to release limiting beliefs so they can live more meaningful and joyful lives. She is passionate about inspiring women to truly love themselves and be impeccable with their self care.

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Milana Perepyolkina
Milana Perepyolkina lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Fortune-teller, healer, and dancer Milana Perepyolkina became a writer in order to share the ancient customs and magic of her Roma ancestry. Having received her bachelor’s degree from St. Petersburg University in Russia, she was awarded the United States Information Agency Fellowship. This allowed her to continue her education at the University of Missouri–Columbia, where she received a master’s degree in journalism. For over ten years, Milana Perepyolkina has worked as an ethical reviewer of biomedical and social-behavioral research. Her access to cutting-edge research along with her ancient Romani heritage informs her outlook on and approach to healthy, active living. She embraces a lifestyle of conscious eating, physical activity, and a positive mentality, seizing any opportunity to share her wisdom with others in the hope of leading them toward better living.

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Emily Spirit
Emily Spirit lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Born a natural empath, hypersensitive and medium, my awareness of the unseen worlds has taken me halfway around the world and back again.  A collection of teachings and experiences has paved a permanent path to my divine purpose.  The philosophies and techniques that I use are divinely created from my travels and experiences, providing a multi-layered menu of services.  I love to teach what I’ve learned and am passionate about self-empowerment.  Translation of light and energy is shared through symbology, vocal toning, color and crystal therapies.  I specialize in reading energy at its core to reveal the ‘real story’ of illness and illuminate an authentic view of our soul.  Giving language and tools to navigate our world brings us all to a higher awareness, out of suffering and pain. Ceremony is my purpose, in everything.   May we journey together strong and love compassionately. Blessings.

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Dr. Ken West
Dr. Kenneth West, a recognized leader in performance science, is best known for his visionary work in assisting people with resetting their unconscious in positive alignment with their highest good.  Trained as an optometrist who specialized in sports vision, Dr. West was intrigued with why some elite athletes excelled, while others didn’t.  Through 25 years of working internationally with Olympic Gold Medalists, world champions and other elite althetes in 45 different sports, Dr. West has evolved innovative energy-based techniques that are setting new milestones in healing.  He has lectured at Oxford University on The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance, has published several studies in professional journals, and it a sought after speaker at lectures and workshops across the globe.  Dr. West’s work centers on the concept that we all have innate unconscious destructive patterning that sabatages our best laid plans, but that resetting or reshifting that programming is possible. After studying the “zero point” concept in quantum physics, epigenetics and the work of Emma Kunz, Masaro Emoto, Walter Kneisel and others, Dr. West created a new technique that permanently deletes the negative programs that cause us to attract pain, disease, depression, and other self-destructive patterns.  By deleting these self-destructive patterns in our subconscious, we can reset our default patterns to positive, healing and supportive ones.

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Eric Mandala
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ERIC MANDALA (Ottawa Canada )Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instrument Maker, Visionary, World traveler, Founder of "Mandala World Music" an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world. He uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has traveled around the world collaborating with 100's of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multi-cultural world.  ERIC MANDALA has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums around the world. He has played Festivals around the world in 6 continents.  When performing solo he does live looping & produces Electronica using Ableton Live & plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He will bring you to another world through ecstatic dance while singing Kirtan and Universal Language. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & kamale n'goni.

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Beth Ann McMerrick

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Beth Ann McMerrick​ is a holistic financial mentor, international speaker, author, money energy healer, and trusted accountant. As the founder and CEO of Divine Money Mastery Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. Beth Ann utilizes over 23 years of business management, accounting, and finance experience to teach you how to, master your finances, build your business, and breakthrough your financial barriers. Beth Ann is the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards, which teach you how to master, balance, and heal mind, body, spirit, and wallet. An online Money Mastery programed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Want to Be Entrepreneurs. DMU is designed to enlighten the financial side of your business and brings spirituality to the money in your life.  Beth Ann has accounting experience in several industries, ranging from small, single-person to multi-million dollar corporations. She also provides tools for individuals to sharpen their financial skills and knowledge, including tax, ownership, financial organization, and resource management. She teaches you how to remove doubt and fear around money and learn how to unlock your full financial potential.

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Margarit Brigham
Margarit Brigham.jpg
Margarit Brigham is a Transformational Goddess and Magic Coach, guiding women to their magical, multidimensional Selves, She delights in inspiring and cultivating everyone's childlike wonder and playfulness.  She is an Amazon Best Seller for her Golf Goddess Yoga book, A Yoga teacher, of teachers, A pioneer in Goddess and Cosmic Consciousness, Energy Worker, Visionary and a Certified Fairyologist. Margarit Fulfilled a Big dream of hers against many odds, to open and run the first Yoga studio in a small town in Canada, that operated from 2002 until 2006, while being a single mother. She has had two Blogtalk Radio Shows and Hosted an "Awaken" Magic Summit.
She now leads and offers Facebook Live and Youtube videos, on Full Moon Circles, Equinox and Solstices Ceremonies, Fairy Card Readings and

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Nina Stone
Nina Stone, aka. Miss Nina, is an award-winning children's music artist, entertainer, education and YouTube Star of The Miss Nina Weekly video show which has a worldwide following, over 13,000 Subscribers & 7 million views.  She just had at the great honor of fulfilling a wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a girl from Minnesota who wanted to meet Miss Nina & be in a YouTube video with her. Miss Nina makes it her mission - through video or live shows -  to entertain, educate, bring joy and uplift the energy of young and special needs children - along with the grown-ups who love them.  She rocks a pink guitar,  loves to dance,  and even performs kid friendly, original hip-hop & rap! You may have even heard her Brown Bear Rap, based on Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live. She’s also the happy wife of Tucker Stone, Mommy to 4 year old, Piper and a soon-to-be dog owner.

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Academy of Energy Healers

Pearl Bertrand.jpgCanah.jpg

Co-Founders: Pearl Bertrand and Kanah Teagyn

Pearl Bertrand

Pearl Bertrand is a Master Trainer, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Curandera, the 24th generation of a long and unbroken lineage of Mayan healers that utilizes Light Language modality as one of her healing gifts. Pearl has been practicing energy healing for two decades. She has studied with Masters, Shamans, and Curanderas from around the world. She has learned over 50 advanced energetic healing techniques which come to bear in the trainings. Pearl is also a master wand maker.

Kanah Teagyn

Kanah Teagyn began her journey in the healing arts as a Complementary Energy Therapist with her certification as a Master Rapid Eye Technician and Trainer and went on to complete training and certifications as a Quantum NLP practitioner and trainer, Reiki Master, Transforming Communication Instructor, Fire Walking Instructor, Sound Healing practitioner, Tibetan Singing Bowls Steward, and Family Alignment facilitator. Service to her family and community has inspired her to use her natural gifts to support healthy, free, dynamic relationships on all levels as a coach, an intuitive healer, and a Complementary Energy Trainer. Kanah is the mother of nine children, who she claims as her best teachers.

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Stephanie Barber

On her transformational journey Stephanie Barber has experienced the power of energy healing first-hand and is a courageous stand for victims of abuse, assisting them in breaking through their limitations from their past and transforming their dis-empowering programs and thought processes. She offers intuitive healing, readings and coaching sessions, vocal sound therapy, a weekly meditation healing circle, Reiki sessions, and a variety of wholeness classes. Her intuitive Soul Integration/Aspect Release sessions are powerful tools in bringing the inner beauty forward and truly loving yourself. This provides a new sense of safety and peace, clarity, and love that wasn't present before. She uses sound therapy to clear and balance the chakras and sacred ceremony to reboot the energetic system. She was guided and inspired to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and all levels of Reiki courses and wholeness classes are recommended by Stephanie for those who are ready to begin their healing path or have already begun. She uses the modality of Reiki to provide energy readings to open up and see into the clients energy field. As she channels the Reiki energy she sees, feels, and hears information. (It’s like tarot card reading but without the cards). She has raised five amazing children and is very proud to be called their mom. She loves being a grandma!!
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