Saturday, August 11, 2018

"Tonight your faith in magic faded...but you held your ground like a stubborn little girl."

I feel the pull all the time to become cynical and jaded. So much of my inner work is constant weeding, weeding, weeding so noxious thoughts don't have a place to take root. I wrote this song to celebrate my commitment to the innocent little girl in me who wears a tiara because she knows she's an empress, and who takes counsel from a rainbow unicorn....
...And who stubbornly believes in magic, even when there's no evidence of it anywhere on the horizon.
With Love, Emily

Listen to "My Emily"

My Emily
Capo 3

My Emily
You’re never bored
Gypsy troubadour
On your flying unicorn

Ribbons down your hair
You dance and don’t care if they stare
Wild and soft and rare
And free
My Emily

Bm G D
Tonight your faith in magic faded
Bm G D
With cause justified to get jaded
Bm G
But you crossed your arms like a little girl
And gave your bag of fairy dust a swirl

My Emily
The universe spins
Under human skin
Shooting stars within

Your playfulness
You hug the ridiculous
Shrug off all the awfulness
To chug life’s happiness

Bm G D
But tonight your faith in magic faded
Bm G D
With cause justified to get jaded
Bm G
You stood your ground like a stubborn little girl
And gave your bag of fairy dust a swirl

My Emily
You’re never bored
Your innocence explored
The child feels adored

As years ferment
And cynics relent
You’re transcendent
And free

My Emily

Friday, July 13, 2018

He said, "No one trusts or respects what is given for free."

I received two statements from two different people within 24 hours that prompted this article.  

1. "Honey, nothing is free."

2. "Emily, don't give your stuff for free.  No one trusts or respects free."

I gave no defense on either occasion.  Instead, I nodded in agreement both times.  For most of my life, I have found both of these statements have been true.  Businesses who declare they are giving something for free are inviting us to dance a mutually beneficial tango.  One step, I give you free stuff, two step, you give me a referral, an email address, or a payment in six months.

And we both take a bow.  It's great. Everyone's happy.    

As happy as we are to receive free stuff though, we can easily admit that we might agree with the two statements.  Nothing is actually free, right?

I quickly had to realize when I began living as a folk acoustic musician in a gift economy model that I had to work through insecurities and embarrassment. Instead of charging money for my concerts or my albums, I was giving everything as a true blue gift of my heart with no obligations.  It sounded noble and all, but was I hiding behind an impressive mask of altruism while holding an ocean of insecurities at bay?  Was the real truth that I didn't believe in my music enough to ask for what it was worth?  

Yep. That was definitely part of it, at the start.  

Charging a market value provides a clear message to the world that I believe in my product, right? It's true that when I started my music experiment three years ago, I experienced significant insecurities about myself as a worthy creator.  But as I continued to lean into my confidence, my passion and my art, the concept of charging money still wasn't sticking.  It just didn't feel right any more.  I had charged money before I started living in a gift economy model.  I knew what that felt like, and at the time, it did felt right.  So I knew the difference.  But as I grew stronger as a creator, I found myself continually drawn to to choose life in a gift economy.  I felt tapped into something bigger than me.  I felt part of the wave sweeping across the planet of people asking questions similar to mine:

What if money acted as a lovely companion, a delightful orange in a basket of fruit, instead of as the ultimate decisive measuring tool?

Hm, curious.  I went deeper. My motivation was that I longed for something more than a bunch of oranges. 

What did I actually want? Relationships.

1. ME. I decided to believe in my music, my message, and myself so BIG that whether I was charging the market value or giving everything for free, I always sent the clear message that I can be trusted and respected as a creator, and as a human being.

2. YOU. I decided to connect with others like me who felt the wave sweeping the globe.  The wave is made up of millions of people who are tired of chasing the dollar, and who are ready to delve into greater depths of generosity, abundance, and the power of gift-giving for the sake of humanity's health and wellbeing.

Within these two declarations, the magic sparkled.  This is where I tapped into the worldwide thriving revolution where the concept of "free" isn't only trusted and respected, free is also connective, mutually-beneficial, and awe-inspiring for both parties to behold.  


Generous hearts connect with other generous hearts.

We all find each other, no matter where we are in the world.  No matter if we are fully in a gift economy or working a 9 to 5 cubicle job, miracles occur in our relationships when we turn our backs on greed.   

I am not anti-system, nor am I a promoter of quitting your jobs. I don't even promote living in a gift economy. What I stand for are people showing up in their relationships with respect and trust.  Relationships with one another are a treasure trove, immeasurable and invaluable.  The time we set apart in our businesses, in our families, and in our communities to generously send the message of trust and respect to each other is worth its weight in gold.

As for my personal journey, I joyously announce that I can now say these words: 

1. ME. I believe in myself as a musician, so much so that I'm giving it to you for free.  I am humbly recognizing that even when people aren't obligated to pay me, they want to anyway.  Thank you for believing in me! 

2. YOU. As part of my six month tour across America, I have found many just like me. At the time of this article, 31 alternative economic businesses from the USA, Canada, and Europe have signed their name in support of my Dream Walk tour with an enthusiastic YES. More come in every week.  Each has asked for their logo to accompany me coast to coast.

Each are giving their services, or a part of their services...

...for free. 

Mad respect. 


Who are these businesses?

Stay tuned for the list to be announced later this year! I send out a HUGE thank you to Arjenna Strong from Pay What? Online Guide, without whom connections with my collaborative partnerships would not be possible. Arjenna and I are still receiving partnerships every week asking to be included. We continue to welcome alternative economic business and projects to join our expanding network!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"Like a Romeo the sun snuck past my gate. I’m his Juliet on the second floor."

I wrote this song while sitting in a backyard in southern California. Embraced by comforting warmth as my companion, I personified the sun, and imagined what it would say to me.
I believe he would want to be my lover. 
What would it be like... to take my moments in the sun as I would take a lover? The iconic story of Romeo and Juliet came to mind.  
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep, the more I give to thee. The more I have, for both are infinite." - William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet embody the message of seizing the day, not knowing their sun was setting early, and for the last time.
It was significant for my creative process that I was seizing my own moment of writing this song while sitting near an orange tree.  As I wrote, I welcomed delicate boats of orange slices to land on my tongue, one by one.  I took my time, immersed in the soft gratitude to partake of this nourishing gift of my own beloved Romeo sun.
Imagining the sun as a universal lover for humankind is not far from the truth.  Every morning, the sun invites me to give myself fully that day, with all feeling, all my emotions, and with a boundless, rich passion for life itself.... 
...And sing out to life, Take me now...
(This is a first draft of this song. You are taking part of my songwriting process within my 12 month music challenge. I'm releasing 2 new original songs from August 2017-August 2018.  I look forward to fine tuning this piece. Thank you so much for being here.)
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter
Like a Romeo the sun snuck past my gate
I’m his Juliet on the second floor
Takes me time to wake but while he waits
He sends love notes under my door
And he woos the leaves on my orange tree
Signs their chest with a gold pen, "You are born free"

I’m not the only one
Who's ever been kissed by the Romeo sun
But does he say to everyone
Get ready to come undone
Take me now
Before this day sets
Give yourself to me with no regrets
Let yourself allow
Take me now

My toes stepped in the green clover
My eyes stained from the night before
The sun knows I’ve been missing my last lover
His rays serenaded me to my core
I picked an orange and held it to my nose
It peeled like a swirl with its gold heart exposed

I’m not the only one
Who’s ever been kissed by the Romeo sun
But does he sing to everyone
Get ready to come undone
Take me now
Before this day sets
Give yourself to me with no regrets
Let yourself allow
To take me

I sat in the sun with my diary and pen
I said I can’t hide the sadness I feel
My love, he said, can you feel my warmth on your skin
Feeling what you’re feeling, all the way, is how you’ll heal

Nectar on my neck, my soul unwrapped
I arched my back, the diary slipped from my lap

I’m not the only one
Who’s ever been kissed by our Romeo sun
But does he say to everyone
Get ready to come undone
Take me now
Before this day sets
Give yourself to me with no regrets
Let yourself let yourself allow
To take me now

(Photo: D'Arcy Benincosa)

Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Dream Walk Concert Tour has officially BEGUN!  

I began today with a ceremony at the Pacific Ocean. 
How is this tour different?  In this six month tour coast to coast, I can feel a specific kind of dreamer calling out to me.  If you know you are a world-changer or a light-worker, I have dedicated my tour to you. I see you as the true leaders of the world. You know the work, and you're going within your deepest corridors to do it.  You inspire and uplift me, and I want to sing for you. My performances across America will be a way that I may bow before the courageous ones on our planet who have dedicated their lives to being the change, and being the light.  I want you to feel supported to keep going!  Keep being brave! I am right alongside you. Oh I am so excited to connect with my tribe across this land in a million wondrous ways.
Stay tune for ways to show me your support, get involved, connect me with your tribe, your friends, your contacts, your venues, your places for me to stay.... 
And enjoy taking part of my adventure! I believe in you and your dreams so very very much,
Early June- San Diego, California
Mid June- Salt Lake City, Utah
Late June/early July- Vail, Denver, Boulder, and Cañon City, Colorado
Mid July- Wichita Falls, Joshua, and Dallas, Texas
Late July- Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas
Early Aug- Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana
Mid Aug- Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama
Late Aug- Selma and Montgomery, Alabama
Early Sept- Acworth and Atlanta, Georgia
Mid Sept- Sarasota and Jacksonville, Florida
Late Sept- Savannah, Georgia
Early Oct- South Carolina coast and Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mid Oct- Southern Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina
Late Oct- Western South Carolina, Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee
Early Nov- Memphis, Tennessee
Mid Nov- Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas
Late Nov- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Carlsbad and Albuquerque, New Mexico
Early Dec- Salt Lake City, Utah

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Meet Jhoyye the Unicorn

Meet Jhoyye (pronounced "Joy")

Jhoyye recently introduced herself to me and my travel companion, Rebecca.  Ever talk with a unicorn? They have a lot to say, and it sounds quite familiar with what we stand for...

...dreams, believe, magic, infinite possibilities, play...

So when we welcomed Jhoyye to be our official and magical mascot of the Dream Walk Concert tour of 2018, she graciously accepted. I have already learned that although she looks cute and cuddly, unicorns are no joke!  By accepting the unicorn to walk with me as a totem animal, I have agreed that her job in my life is to face me right into the walls of my limitations. Then, being the magical rainbow unicorn she is, she will stand with me and challenge me to discover my infinite possibilities in order for me to walk over, around or even right through my self-limiting walls. The good news that I feel greatly serves my soul's expansive process is that a unicorn's magical powers are always rooted in the spirit of playfulness, magic, and joy.

And that sounds like my kind of game.

We're snapping photos with Jhoyye in exciting, unique places across America from June-December 2018. Follow us together along our adventure on Facebook and Instagram🦄

Friday, May 25, 2018

Updated GDPR Privacy Policy

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Updated GDPR Privacy Policy

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7. Notification of Changes; Effective Date
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8. Questions
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our collection of your information, feel free to contact us by sending an email to  

Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Purpose flows in my veins, so I'm burning the midnight oil again..."

A song dedicated to how we will choose to live our hundred years around the sun. May we dance our dance, and taste like sweat.  

We Are Here
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter

I’m not saying I can fix you
I don’t feel the need to
Cause we’re not broken
When will we let that soak in
I don’t need you to love me
Or think anything I do is necessary
We’ve just got a little time on this sphere
We are here

I danced on my birthday
In this body suit of clay
Everywhere around me
The people were dancing free
Across the room was a vision
Asking me to make a decision
Cross this floor like death was near
Start right here

Will I run or crawl on fumes
Will I dance across this room
Will I skirt the walls and not be seen
Will I taste like sweat when I am done
With my hundred years around the sun
How will I enter the tomb
Will I dance across this room
I’m gonna make it to the world stage
With one truth flying off my set page
Believe in the dream
And we’ll see our people dance free
Purpose flows in my veins
So I’m burning the midnight oil again
To cross the room without fear
We are here

Check out all the original songs in my 12 month music challenge from August 2017-2018:

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The wild, almost irreverent message of red boots: let's rock this thang, baby.

The story:

In the winter of 2011, I packed a wedding dress in a suitcase and flew to Europe to marry a man I had never met, but who I had only been in touch with telepathically for the previous 12 years. 
In my luggage, I also packed a pair of red boots.  I relished the idea of getting married in sweet, traditional white, partnered with the wild, almost irreverent message of red boots:  Let's rock this thang, baby.  
The marriage didn't happen.  I got stood up, and flew home.  Some called me crazy, some called me brave.  And then we both moved on, mostly.  
As simple as this song is, its creation process assisted me to fill in a bit of the deep hole the experience has left in me, a hole still lined with thousands of question marks.
Might as well move on with flair. 

Red Boots
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter
Give me red boots before I go
We’ll call it even, there’s no one to blame
Knee high, deep mahogany stained
Red boots before I go

My old brown boots walked the world to find you
Oh but she found you first 
She’s lovely I’ve been told
Now my soles are full of holes
From the mountains of emotions I traversed

So give me red boots before I go
We’ll call it even, there’s no one to blame
Knee high, deep stained
Red boots before I go

I’m walking, thinking about her and you
My wet feet feel the winter chill
Yeah don’t promise that you loved me
My red eyes want an offering
My red toes want new boots
to walk these hills

And make ‘em red
So I can walk away from you in style
Knee high, make 'em knee high
It'll bring back my smile
Red boots before I go
Red boots before you go 

Photo: D'Arcy Benincosa