Thursday, July 20, 2017

I used to struggle with jealousy and competition BIG time.

Did you know that I used to struggle with jealousy and competition BIG time? If you had it and I wanted it, I would immediately become a big, dark, globby mess inside.  It felt like tar on my heart.  My best friend called me on it years ago and said my jealous competitive nature was getting in the way of our relationship.  She didn't feel safe to share her life successes with me. She said she wasn't going to come around for a while. My eyes got huge.

That's it, I declared.  That was the motivation I needed to get myself straight.

It embarrassingly took me years to weed out my overgrown noxious internal garden of that jealousy.  But I just didn't stop.  I did the work to pull those weeds out at the very root. I dug deep. What is the root of my jealousy? I meditated in some very uncomfortable places.

After years of developing tools that work for me, my weakness has become my greatest strength, and part of my core character. In my current relationships, I have become that friend where your dreams are sincerely celebrated with cheers, exclamation points, and lively dance parties. My best friend and I have especially never been closer.

So I have deep compassion for those of you who struggle with jealousy and competition.  Other people are traveling, getting married, having children, getting skinny, getting healthy, getting rich, getting famous, having success in their business...and you're not... Man it's so hard to be happy for them. You fake it the best you can, but it doesn't help. You feel jealous, and you feel sad.

When you're ready, consider that you get to create a new story...

When you're really ready, you'll get serious about weeding your jealousy out and enjoying a gorgeous inner garden.  I would have you consider that it won't happen "naturally". Commit to the work.  If you want support, you'll receive it. If you want me on your team, I offer support in the form of sessions. I'm invested in this specific work because of my own journey, plus this work serves our collective consciousness like none other.  Imagine a world where we say YAY!!! to each others' dreams with the deepest of sincerity.  Always.  No other option.


When you consider committing to this work, you'll watch your relationships blossom like you have never imagined.  If you deserve support in the work and would like to receive consistency and tools that work, ask for it.  You'll receive it in a million ways. Do whatever it takes.

You have a gorgeous garden, and hundreds of dance parties waiting for you.

Celebrate my dream HERE!

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