Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm climbing high. I gave myself a 12 month music challenge that's already making me sweat.

When's the last time you heard me release a new song?  This summer I hosted a video summit, I co-created a healing center, I channeled an empress...all good things. All decoys. I'm a musician, and after giving myself a good talking to (lovingly!), I have committed to be more vulnerable with you as an artist.  So I'm giving myself a challenge that stretches me as a musician like never before.  And yes...authentic vulnerability deserves support, so I am asking the vulnerability-appreciators of the planet to witness and support this move. Cause I'm climbing high...
(August 2017-August 2018)
The Question: Can I create new, consistent, GOOD music every month for a solid year? 
For a solid year, I am giving 1-4 new songs a month right here on Patreon.  I am giving NEW content on a regular monthly basis.... Phew...this is something I've never done, and boy does it stretch me. If you stick around to watch this, you're going to see me sweat a little.  Some songs will be gems, others will flop. My Patreon community gets to give me input on what works and what doesn't.  I'm so excited. Your belief in me is motivating! The songs will come in the form of:
  • new original songs
  • new cover songs that challenge me as a vocalist/guitarist
  • live streaming performances
  • audio recordings
  • music videos
  • duets, collaboration with other artists
  • taking requests of what you want to hear
Wow, what a fun list! The enthusiasm is rising in my bones.

I am receiving $5 a month. Yep, $5. Patrons who pledge $5 a month receive all my new, consistent, vulnerable creations.  I want your pledge for fresh, original, motivational acoustic folk music to be less than a Netflix subscription
To stay focused on my 12 month music challenge, I cut out all the bells and whistles and sized everything down to two rewards.  
Reward # 1: $5 a month- I'm giving 1-4 new songs/creations/gifts every month. 
Reward #2:  $75 a month- 1) The new songs and 2) monthly dream coach sessions. You choose how many months your dream deserves. Start and end at any time...(I plan it so I never have more than 10 clients at a time.) For potential clients curious about this reward, ask me more about it. The general public receives sessions for $100/hour, but those who are part of my Patreon family get these monthly dream sessions for way less. AND you get the new songs. 
My music challenge starts August 1, 2017 and goes for 12 solid months. Insecurities, decoys, and fears have had their say. I bless them all. 
Vulnerability, creativity, and 12-48 new songs, here I come....
NOTE: **If you are already a patron, you will ease right into receiving all the new content with notifications coming right in your inbox. If you to want to change your monthly pledge to less or more, do so before July 31st.  Loving you all! -Emily

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