Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A tiny $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth.

Well, I learned. When I created my 12 month music challenge three months ago, I valued my songs the way I've seen "value" modeled: A stream of my original songs were released to those who gave $5 a month in return. It felt right at the time, possibly because so much of life is for learning what we don't want. I don't want to charge money for my new music anymore.   
The gift economy model I embody only works when I trust that humanity knows how to give freely to one another when they feel inspired to.  If I keep this $5 model any longer, I might as well live a fully normal life.  And I might as well charge for my live concerts too.  There would be no point to the last 32 months where I gave up my well-paying job, living in my house, my car, my romantic relationship, my financial security, my comfortable life.  Why would anyone give all that up!?  I gave it all up to pursue the dream I believe in: to live as a worldwide musician within a gift economy model, taking a stand for those who feel imprisoned by fear and scarcity, to embody the message that money is not a reason to walk away from a dream. You can see why a tiny little $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth. Looking back, I realize more than ever how I set situations up like this so that I can walk my talk. I "charged" $5 for my songs for two reasons. 
The first reason: Fear. I got scared of not having enough resources.
The second reason: Fear again. I thought I had to prove to you that I believe in my music. 
I'm publicly announcing today that I always have enough resources, and I do believe in my beautiful music.  So, what's next?  The next 9 months of my 12 month music challenge will now be an actual true gift to my beloved humanity, without expectation of return.  I am releasing newly written original songs every month right here on Patreon for all to enjoy freely.  Even since the moment I started writing this article, this seemingly small change has already created huge miracles for me.  Here's to fearless living...
  • ENJOY THE ATTACHED VIDEO Releasing my song "The Call" to you with today's announcement makes me SO happy! 
  • I LOVE YOU, PATRONS! People choose to be my patron because they believe in me.  If you feel inspired, give any amount within this purity of energy.  Because of you I continue to create magic, music, and take risks. Emily Potter is creating music on Patreon!
  • HOW TO HEAR THE NEW SONGS: I will openly announce all my new songs on Patreon and on Facebook. "Like" me there at: The Million Kisses Facebook Page  
  • CREATE WITH ME!  I am creating big magic with forward-thinking videographers, recording studios, other musicians, and big wild dreamers of all kinds.  If you feel inspired to create together, contact me! emily@themillionkisses.org
Looking forward to leaning in and connecting with you more than ever. Lots of love and true connection, Emily Potter, The "Gift Economy" Musician www.themillionkisses.org 

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