Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Purpose flows in my veins, so I'm burning the midnight oil again..."

A song dedicated to how we will choose to live our hundred years around the sun. May we dance our dance, and taste like sweat.  

We Are Here
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter

I’m not saying I can fix you
I don’t feel the need to
Cause we’re not broken
When will we let that soak in
I don’t need you to love me
Or think anything I do is necessary
We’ve just got a little time on this sphere
We are here

I danced on my birthday
In this body suit of clay
Everywhere around me
The people were dancing free
Across the room was a vision
Asking me to make a decision
Cross this floor like death was near
Start right here

Will I run or crawl on fumes
Will I dance across this room
Will I skirt the walls and not be seen
Will I taste like sweat when I am done
With my hundred years around the sun
How will I enter the tomb
Will I dance across this room
I’m gonna make it to the world stage
With one truth flying off my set page
Believe in the dream
And we’ll see our people dance free
Purpose flows in my veins
So I’m burning the midnight oil again
To cross the room without fear
We are here

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