Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Dream Walk Concert Tour has officially BEGUN!  

I began today with a ceremony at the Pacific Ocean. 
How is this tour different?  In this six month tour coast to coast, I can feel a specific kind of dreamer calling out to me.  If you know you are a world-changer or a light-worker, I have dedicated my tour to you. I see you as the true leaders of the world. You know the work, and you're going within your deepest corridors to do it.  You inspire and uplift me, and I want to sing for you. My performances across America will be a way that I may bow before the courageous ones on our planet who have dedicated their lives to being the change, and being the light.  I want you to feel supported to keep going!  Keep being brave! I am right alongside you. Oh I am so excited to connect with my tribe across this land in a million wondrous ways.
Stay tune for ways to show me your support, get involved, connect me with your tribe, your friends, your contacts, your venues, your places for me to stay.... 
And enjoy taking part of my adventure! I believe in you and your dreams so very very much,
Early June- San Diego, California
Mid June- Salt Lake City, Utah
Late June/early July- Vail, Denver, Boulder, and Cañon City, Colorado
Mid July- Wichita Falls, Joshua, and Dallas, Texas
Late July- Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas
Early Aug- Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana
Mid Aug- Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama
Late Aug- Selma and Montgomery, Alabama
Early Sept- Acworth and Atlanta, Georgia
Mid Sept- Sarasota and Jacksonville, Florida
Late Sept- Savannah, Georgia
Early Oct- South Carolina coast and Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mid Oct- Southern Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina
Late Oct- Western South Carolina, Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee
Early Nov- Memphis, Tennessee
Mid Nov- Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas
Late Nov- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Carlsbad and Albuquerque, New Mexico
Early Dec- Salt Lake City, Utah

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