Saturday, November 10, 2018

Welcome, Lightworker Musicians Tribe!


I'm gathering light-worker musicians, just like me, worldwide.

My job felt like a prison.  I felt trapped paying the bills.  I couldn’t breathe. I felt called to be a musician full-time. My soul’s purpose was to anchor light across the planet with my music. I took the leap of faith, and quit my suffocating job.  I want you to feel empowered to do the same. Join my free Facebook group and let’s get you free!
I’m giving a road map for spiritual entrepreneurs who think that it’s crazy to quit their job. It’s not crazy, and I’m offering step by step specific ways how I did it. The world wants you as the liberated, courageous musician you are... anchoring light in dozens of countries...offering inspiring concerts without relying on a paycheck! 
As artists, we are powerful leaders.  It’s time for world changers like us to feel a partnership with our indwelling intelligence, to trust ourselves fully, to feel supported, to feel like we can finally breathe in being our FULL contribution to the whole.  Private message me if you are ready to hear more about my program. 
First step? Click the link to join my free facebook group. Lightworker musicians who are raising the vibration of the planet are gathering here:

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