Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Dream Walk Concert Tour has officially BEGUN!  

I began today with a ceremony at the Pacific Ocean. 
How is this tour different?  In this six month tour coast to coast, I can feel a specific kind of dreamer calling out to me.  If you know you are a world-changer or a light-worker, I have dedicated my tour to you. I see you as the true leaders of the world. You know the work, and you're going within your deepest corridors to do it.  You inspire and uplift me, and I want to sing for you. My performances across America will be a way that I may bow before the courageous ones on our planet who have dedicated their lives to being the change, and being the light.  I want you to feel supported to keep going!  Keep being brave! I am right alongside you. Oh I am so excited to connect with my tribe across this land in a million wondrous ways.
Stay tune for ways to show me your support, get involved, connect me with your tribe, your friends, your contacts, your venues, your places for me to stay.... 
And enjoy taking part of my adventure! I believe in you and your dreams so very very much,
Early June- San Diego, California
Mid June- Salt Lake City, Utah
Late June/early July- Vail, Denver, Boulder, and Cañon City, Colorado
Mid July- Wichita Falls, Joshua, and Dallas, Texas
Late July- Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas
Early Aug- Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana
Mid Aug- Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama
Late Aug- Selma and Montgomery, Alabama
Early Sept- Acworth and Atlanta, Georgia
Mid Sept- Sarasota and Jacksonville, Florida
Late Sept- Savannah, Georgia
Early Oct- South Carolina coast and Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mid Oct- Southern Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina
Late Oct- Western South Carolina, Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee
Early Nov- Memphis, Tennessee
Mid Nov- Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas
Late Nov- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Carlsbad and Albuquerque, New Mexico
Early Dec- Salt Lake City, Utah

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Meet Jhoyye the Unicorn

Meet Jhoyye (pronounced "Joy")

Jhoyye recently introduced herself to me and my travel companion, Rebecca.  Ever talk with a unicorn? They have a lot to say, and it sounds quite familiar with what we stand for...

...dreams, believe, magic, infinite possibilities, play...

So when we welcomed Jhoyye to be our official and magical mascot of the Dream Walk Concert tour of 2018, she graciously accepted. I have already learned that although she looks cute and cuddly, unicorns are no joke!  By accepting the unicorn to walk with me as a totem animal, I have agreed that her job in my life is to face me right into the walls of my limitations. Then, being the magical rainbow unicorn she is, she will stand with me and challenge me to discover my infinite possibilities in order for me to walk over, around or even right through my self-limiting walls. The good news that I feel greatly serves my soul's expansive process is that a unicorn's magical powers are always rooted in the spirit of playfulness, magic, and joy.

And that sounds like my kind of game.

We're snapping photos with Jhoyye in exciting, unique places across America from June-December 2018. Follow us together along our adventure on Facebook and Instagram🦄

Friday, May 25, 2018

Updated GDPR Privacy Policy

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Updated GDPR Privacy Policy

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7. Notification of Changes; Effective Date
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8. Questions
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Purpose flows in my veins, so I'm burning the midnight oil again..."

A song dedicated to how we will choose to live our hundred years around the sun. May we dance our dance, and taste like sweat.  

We Are Here
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter

I’m not saying I can fix you
I don’t feel the need to
Cause we’re not broken
When will we let that soak in
I don’t need you to love me
Or think anything I do is necessary
We’ve just got a little time on this sphere
We are here

I danced on my birthday
In this body suit of clay
Everywhere around me
The people were dancing free
Across the room was a vision
Asking me to make a decision
Cross this floor like death was near
Start right here

Will I run or crawl on fumes
Will I dance across this room
Will I skirt the walls and not be seen
Will I taste like sweat when I am done
With my hundred years around the sun
How will I enter the tomb
Will I dance across this room
I’m gonna make it to the world stage
With one truth flying off my set page
Believe in the dream
And we’ll see our people dance free
Purpose flows in my veins
So I’m burning the midnight oil again
To cross the room without fear
We are here

Check out all the original songs in my 12 month music challenge from August 2017-2018:

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The wild, almost irreverent message of red boots: let's rock this thang, baby.

The story:

In the winter of 2011, I packed a wedding dress in a suitcase and flew to Europe to marry a man I had never met, but who I had only been in touch with telepathically for the previous 12 years. 
In my luggage, I also packed a pair of red boots.  I relished the idea of getting married in sweet, traditional white, partnered with the wild, almost irreverent message of red boots:  Let's rock this thang, baby.  
The marriage didn't happen.  I got stood up, and flew home.  Some called me crazy, some called me brave.  And then we both moved on, mostly.  
As simple as this song is, its creation process assisted me to fill in a bit of the deep hole the experience has left in me, a hole still lined with thousands of question marks.
Might as well move on with flair. 

Red Boots
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter
Give me red boots before I go
We’ll call it even, there’s no one to blame
Knee high, deep mahogany stained
Red boots before I go

My old brown boots walked the world to find you
Oh but she found you first 
She’s lovely I’ve been told
Now my soles are full of holes
From the mountains of emotions I traversed

So give me red boots before I go
We’ll call it even, there’s no one to blame
Knee high, deep stained
Red boots before I go

I’m walking, thinking about her and you
My wet feet feel the winter chill
Yeah don’t promise that you loved me
My red eyes want an offering
My red toes want new boots
to walk these hills

And make ‘em red
So I can walk away from you in style
Knee high, make 'em knee high
It'll bring back my smile
Red boots before I go
Red boots before you go 

Photo: D'Arcy Benincosa

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.

Heated, triggered, charged.  

I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.  The extent of my ignorance goes beyond what my white privilege can possibly comprehend.  
I can't change my skin color.  But what would happen if I simply...stayed?  No pushing, no trying too hard.  If I just authentically stayed.
I made the choice to stay. The friend to whom I wrote this song also chose not to walk away.  We spoke truth, we created art, we shared our passions and our vulnerabilities.  We saw each others' heart.  The world of separation we're both experiencing because of our skin color didn't change overnight.  But I learned that freedom can sound like new friends sitting under blankets by candlelight, stirring tea with a simple spoon. 
And it felt to us like a start. 
Here's to love. 

"Here's to Love"
Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter
I almost lost you, my friend
because of the colors of our skin
I am earth, you are wind
We'd never understand where we've been

I almost walked away that day
afraid of you
Then your eyes intertwined with mine
from across the room
And I stayed
And you stayed

I leaned in
You whispered to me
Here's to love
Here's to love
Walls wore thin
with every sip of tea
Here's to love
Here's to love

Our candle swelled its light through the night
Veils fell from my eyes
Sunrise heard us say I love you
Before we said goodbye

You said, look how beautiful the world can be
I said, the only way for change starts with me
If not you

Walls crashed down
When you whispered to me
Here's to love
Here's to love
Freedom sounds
like friends stirring tea
Here's to love
Here's to love
Here's to love
Here's to love

Monday, December 11, 2017

The most open-hearted holiday gift I could give you...

Season's Greetings, my beloved human family! I'm excited to share the most open-hearted holiday gift that I could possibly give my brothers and sisters. Imagine a world of peaceful people actively pursuing our dreams. Naive? In this full performance of the Dream Walk Concert, I ceremoniously radiate "I BELIEVE IN YOU" through every story I tell, and in every song I sing. As naive as world peace may seem, it is truly the season to believe in miracles, and I know the vision begins with me today. Swarming your dreams under the mistletoe with millions of kisses. With love and sincerity, Emily

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A tiny $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth.

Well, I learned. When I created my 12 month music challenge three months ago, I valued my songs the way I've seen "value" modeled: A stream of my original songs were released to those who gave $5 a month in return. It felt right at the time, possibly because so much of life is for learning what we don't want. I don't want to charge money for my new music anymore.   
The gift economy model I embody only works when I trust that humanity knows how to give freely to one another when they feel inspired to.  If I keep this $5 model any longer, I might as well live a fully normal life.  And I might as well charge for my live concerts too.  There would be no point to the last 32 months where I gave up my well-paying job, living in my house, my car, my romantic relationship, my financial security, my comfortable life.  Why would anyone give all that up!?  I gave it all up to pursue the dream I believe in: to live as a worldwide musician within a gift economy model, taking a stand for those who feel imprisoned by fear and scarcity, to embody the message that money is not a reason to walk away from a dream. You can see why a tiny little $5 has been like a raspberry seed in my tooth. Looking back, I realize more than ever how I set situations up like this so that I can walk my talk. I "charged" $5 for my songs for two reasons. 
The first reason: Fear. I got scared of not having enough resources.
The second reason: Fear again. I thought I had to prove to you that I believe in my music. 
I'm publicly announcing today that I always have enough resources, and I do believe in my beautiful music.  So, what's next?  The next 9 months of my 12 month music challenge will now be an actual true gift to my beloved humanity, without expectation of return.  I am releasing newly written original songs every month right here on Patreon for all to enjoy freely.  Even since the moment I started writing this article, this seemingly small change has already created huge miracles for me.  Here's to fearless living...
  • ENJOY THE ATTACHED VIDEO Releasing my song "The Call" to you with today's announcement makes me SO happy! 
  • I LOVE YOU, PATRONS! People choose to be my patron because they believe in me.  If you feel inspired, give any amount within this purity of energy.  Because of you I continue to create magic, music, and take risks. Emily Potter is creating music on Patreon!
  • HOW TO HEAR THE NEW SONGS: I will openly announce all my new songs on Patreon and on Facebook. "Like" me there at: The Million Kisses Facebook Page  
  • CREATE WITH ME!  I am creating big magic with forward-thinking videographers, recording studios, other musicians, and big wild dreamers of all kinds.  If you feel inspired to create together, contact me!
Looking forward to leaning in and connecting with you more than ever. Lots of love and true connection, Emily Potter, The "Gift Economy" Musician 

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Telling the Truth: Behind the Smiling Photos on Facebook

I am not the only one.  We post our best photos on Facebook, and rightly so. I personally decided long ago that social media was not a place I was going to complain, vent, or air dirty laundry. You might do that, and I say go for it. My decision works for me. However, there's a drawback for those of us who, on social media platforms, never seem to be in a bad mood. People never see us publicly experience anger, sadness, heart ache, and despair. We are not seen to experience the whole gamut of human emotions.   "I can't imagine you ever having a bad day," someone just wrote in a comment to me the other day, "You just always seem so happy."
What actually prompted today's article is that just last week I got sucked into Facebook's "your-life-is-perfect" illusion myself. I was looking at someone's perfect profile, saw a perfect photo, read a perfect comment that then perfectly triggered a painful wound in my heart, and I lost it...big time.  I cried deeply for an hour, with two friends witnessing me.   "Remember," one friend said empathetically, "Facebook never tells the whole truth." Yes, I could remember that even in the midst of my breakdown. But even with remembering that fact, it surprised me how real the illusion felt. The next day I shook the veil off of my eyes and determined to write about my experience about this illusionary hole I have seen countless friends also fall into.  If anyone else out there is struggling with Social Media Illusion Syndrome today, I want to hand you a gentle, loving tissue. I can't make it all better for whoever's profile is sinking you into depression tonight.  I'm so sorry that he has his arm around her and not you, and the picture he posted makes it look like they're back together. I'm so sorry that she looks so skinny and tan from her recent trip to the beach when you feel so fat today. I'm so sorry that their marriage looks so perfect and their children look so sweet when your family is completely falling apart. Nothing makes any of it better. What you're feeling is just hard. Something I can do is share the behind-the-scenes truth of some of my own "smiling" photos. It might not ease your pain, but perhaps we can break a bit of the illusionary spell so that all the people in those photos you're looking at on Facebook look a bit more human again.


Behind Smiling Photo #1: New York City, New York

Look at that big smile! Two friends invited me to go out to dinner with them to the high-end restaurant pictured behind me in this photo. One friend was not only my host but also my ride home. I felt pressure to say yes, but there was absolutely no way I could afford it. Should I refuse and say I wasn't hungry? Should I walk around the neighborhood until they were done eating? In this "I don't have a care in the world" photo, I was completely freaking out, especially after walking inside minutes later and seeing the prices on the menu. During the whole meal, I did mental gymnastics starting with backflips of "I can't afford this!" and trying to nail that perfect landing on "I'm abundant and I have everything I need." At the same time I was doing these inner acrobats, I was trying my very best to stay present during the conversation so they wouldn't feel my freak out stress.  When the bill came, and I reached for it with sweaty hands, one of my friends effortlessly said with a smile, "I've got this. I want to support your gift economy experiment." I thanked her softly. I went home shaking in awe with how much that experience stretched me.

Behind Smiling Photo #2: Sochi, Russia

This photo was taken in Sochi, Russia after I had experienced a full toilet paper roll of an emotional breakdown. I was there to do intense energy work for the country of Russia. The decades of sadness I transmuted through my body was so thick that I couldn't get out of bed for three days. I sank so low and so deep that I started to doubt everything I stood for.  Not only did living in a gift economy feel like a really dumb idea, I also felt like a failure as a musician, and just as a person in general. I felt scared and embarrassed to share my feelings with anyone. I was traveling in Sochi completely alone, so there was no one to even try to get me out of bed. On the fourth day, I was very weak but I made myself get up and learn how to take the city bus up to the mountains. I was walking very slowly, but I made it here to this bridge and put the timer on to take this photo. This pose was me being so proud of myself for getting through some of my very darkest nights of the soul. I can tell you right now that the caption that accompanied this photo said absolutely nothing about any of that.

Behind Photo #3: Granada, Spain

I had just broken up with the love of my life and I was attempting to "move on". Weeks later I met someone in Europe, and we experienced many beautiful places and memories in Spain together. A couple hours after this smiling photo was taken, I asked my travel companion to just hold me as I cried in his arms. I didn't tell him why. Graciously, he never asked me to explain myself. I cried as he held me every night that week. I wrote a song about my broken heart in that garden to the left of the photo, and the creation process of songwriting helped me immensely. The caption I posted with this photo shared the truth about how I felt about the beauty of the space, but nothing more: "Enjoying this beautiful and refreshing retreat home in a small Spanish village in the countryside."

Smiling Photo #4: Salt Lake City, Utah

This is a recently taken professional photo, and I wanted to feature it here to further undo the spell. I'm a big fan of professional photographers and presenting professional photos publicly. I will continue to do so. However, when we find ourselves comparing our human mirror images to the perfection of our professionally edited most certainly does not go well. For example, in my mirror I have wrinkles, grey hair, chin hair, less than perfect white teeth, and my Celtic Irish/English skin is quite pale. Can I see any of those physical traits about me here? I've done so much work around true beauty in the last several years that the confidence I'm developing to tell my body's truth is becoming my hottest physical trait. I believe we'll all enjoy each others' edited professional photos more than ever as we also learn to celebrate each other being imperfectly flawed and ridiculously human. Confidence to walk boldly within our flaws is the new sexy. 
The moments of our excitement and happiness that we post amongst all our life's tragedies are indeed real. They are not an illusion. The illusion occurs when we believe the posted smiling images is the only emotion we know. "You just always seem so happy" is not a compliment to give me or each other. To me this comment only means that you've temporarily been sucked into the social media illusionary vortex. Let's get each other out so we can like ourselves more.
I don't believe telling the truth means I have to rant and rave on Facebook to balance all my smiles out. Instead, I believe telling the truth means we can look into each others' eyes and see real humans who posted one window into one moment, remembering that the image on our screen is a fully emotional, messy, colorful human being.