Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Meet Jhoyye the Unicorn

Meet Jhoyye (pronounced "Joy")

Jhoyye recently introduced herself to me and my travel companion, Rebecca.  Ever talk with a unicorn? They have a lot to say, and it sounds quite familiar with what we stand for...

...dreams, believe, magic, infinite possibilities, play...

So when we welcomed Jhoyye to be our official and magical mascot of the Dream Walk Concert tour of 2018, she graciously accepted. I have already learned that although she looks cute and cuddly, unicorns are no joke!  By accepting the unicorn to walk with me as a totem animal, I have agreed that her job in my life is to face me right into the walls of my limitations. Then, being the magical rainbow unicorn she is, she will stand with me and challenge me to discover my infinite possibilities in order for me to walk over, around or even right through my self-limiting walls. The good news that I feel greatly serves my soul's expansive process is that a unicorn's magical powers are always rooted in the spirit of playfulness, magic, and joy.

And that sounds like my kind of game.

We're snapping photos with Jhoyye in exciting, unique places across America from June-December 2018. Follow us together along our adventure on Facebook and Instagram🦄

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